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Important intermediate, often used to prepare carbamazepine and other drugs. Mainly used for the treatment of epilepsy, it is also commonly used for the treatment of peripheral neuralgia, manic depression and arrhythmia and other diseases.

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Use and Preparation of Acyl Chloride Iminodibenzyl:

acyl chloride iminodibenzyl

Now the emergence of some pharmaceutical intermediates can still make the production and preparation of drugs easier. It is precisely because of this that people are currently paying more attention to intermediates such as acyl chloride iminodibenzyl (Iminodibenzylcarbonyl Chloride).

At present, if you know about acyl chloride iminodibenzyl, you will find that this intermediate substance is mainly used to synthesize carbamazepine. This drug, the main effect, is to complete the treatment of epilepsy. In addition, it can also be used for nerve pain in people, including emotional irritability, and also has a certain therapeutic effect on arrhythmia.

Clinically, it can be used as a drug for the treatment of epilepsy. Therefore, this intermediate can complete the preparation of this drug.

Generally speaking, when preparing this drug, it is often possible to select iminodibenzyl formyl chloride and triphosgene to carry out corresponding matching, and then the preparation can be completed. Therefore, the quality of this intermediate substance is also very important. For enterprises in need, they must pay attention to the quality of the intermediates, and can complete the purchase of intermediates through suitable manufacturers.

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