What is an API?

General Description

API, or Active Pharmaceutical Intermediate, is a chemical used in the pharmaceutical process. It is the core of the pharmaceutical industry and directly affects the efficacy and quality of medicines.

Zhishang New Materials provides high-quality API drug listings and production processes to provide the best guarantee for your pharmaceutical company. Choosing a reliable API supplier is the key to ensuring drug quality and market competitiveness.

Here you will get comprehensive information on what API Pharmaceutical means and its importance in the pharmaceutical industry. Designed to introduce clients to different aspects of APIs, including their definitions, use cases, production process, and popular products.

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Definition & Meaning

Active Pharmaceutical Intermediates (APIs)

Active pharmaceutical ingredients

API Definition: Active Pharmaceutical Intermediates (APIs) are chemical substances in pharmaceuticals that are pharmacologically active. They are derived from natural products and are found in plants, animals, and bacteria. It can be used to make a variety of medicines, including medicines and vaccines.

APIs play the following roles in the pharmaceutical process:

  1. Play a therapeutic role: API is an active ingredient in a drug that can play a therapeutic role.
  2. To ensure the quality of drugs: API is the core component of drugs, which has a crucial impact on the quality and effect of drugs.
  3. Control the drug dose: the API’s quality and purity will affect the drug’s stability, so precise control of the API is required in the pharmaceutical process.

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API Products

API Products List

High-quality APIs are very important for pharmaceutical production, they are the building blocks for the manufacture of medicines. Our company can stably produce and supply a variety of high-quality API pharmaceuticals to meet the needs of customers.

Below is a list of our company’s popular API products:

We promise that all API products meet international quality standards and follow strict quality control procedures during production and supply. Our team has rich experience and expertise to provide customers with high-quality API products and excellent services.

If you need to know more about the API products we offer, please feel free to contact us.

Production & Supervision

API Production and Supervision

Our cutting-edge facilities enable us to manufacture high-quality APIs, all produced under stringent Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions. Our focus is on delivering products of the highest quality and value, with the ultimate goal of becoming a global leader in niche active Pharmaceutical ingredients.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence in API manufacturing ensures that our customers receive unparalleled service and quality, making us the top choice for all their API needs.

We start with high-quality raw materials, go through multiple stages of processing and purification, and finally get high-purity, high-quality API products. Click here to read more.


Key points

Definition of API: Active Pharmaceutical Intermediate (API) refers to the pharmacologically active chemical substance in the drug.

The role of API in the pharmaceutical process:

  • Play a therapeutic role.
  • Ensure the quality of the drug.
  • Control the dosage of the drug.

Product List: A list of APIs and API products that are currently on the market.

Production process and production standards: Zhishang New Materials has been strictly adhering to international standards and regulations in the process of manufacturing API.

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