Pharmaceutical Intermediates Market and Industry Trends

Key Points.

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  • The pharmaceutical industry is continuing to shift from Europe and the US to the Asian region.
  • The production process of pharmaceutical intermediates continues to improve and the industry is being upgraded with innovation.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection requirements are becoming increasingly stringent.
  • The degree of automation of production lines is increasing.
  • Demand for pharmaceutical intermediates will continue to grow.
pharmaceutical Intermediates Market

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Shift of the Pharmaceutical Industry to the Asian Region.

The pharmaceutical industry in some developed countries in Europe and the US started earlier, but with the continuous development of global productivity and the deepening of the international division of labour, pharmaceutical companies in developed countries in Europe and the US are focusing on the research and development of innovative drugs and market development. The pharmaceutical intermediate industry is accelerating its transfer to Asian countries including China and India.

Taking China as an example, with the mature petrochemical industry chain and abundant basic resources, all kinds of main raw and auxiliary materials required for the production of pharmaceutical intermediates are available in China, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the transportation cost; at the same time, relying on the domestic perfect industrial system, the cost and quality of domestic enterprises in production equipment, building construction, etc. have competitive advantages, which accelerates the production of products.

Coupled with the fact that Chinese enterprises and Research institutes have accumulated many years of technology in the field of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, forming an intellectual property system with core competitiveness and training a large number of first-class R&D personnel and industrial workers, ensuring that the production lines of pharmaceutical intermediates can run smoothly and the production process can progress continuously.

Therefore, under the general trend of deepening international division of labor system, the centre of gravity of pharmaceutical intermediates industry is expected to further shift from Europe and America to Asia, and the scale of China’s pharmaceutical intermediates industry will further expand, forming an industry pattern dominated by Asia. This will enable China to provide key pharmaceutical intermediates for global manufacturers of APIs, generics and innovative drugs, promoting the development of the world pharmaceutical industry.

Complexity of Production Processes.

The synthesis of pharmaceuticals relies on high quality pharmaceutical intermediates. With the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry, higher requirements will be placed on pharmaceutical intermediates.

In order to meet the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, our company will develop from the traditional mode of low-level repetition, lack of innovation and rough production to the direction of innovation and upgrading, high quality and high level. With the advancement of R&D and development work and the accumulation of independent intellectual property rights, the added value and process complexity of pharmaceutical intermediates will continue to increase, becoming a strong guarantee for the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

Increased Energy Efficiency and Environmental Requirements.

In recent years, the whole industry chain of pharmaceuticals around the world is vigorously advocating green and low-carbon development, improving the level of green manufacturing, implementing the action of carbon emission reduction in the pharmaceutical industry and building a green industrial system; at the same time, the state has implemented severe environmental protection supervision and rectification of the chemical industry, putting forward strict requirements for energy-saving and environmental protection processes in the industry, eliminating a number of small enterprises and workshop-type factories with weak technology and poor product quality, prompting the industry to To environmental protection, formalized the direction of development.

With the increasingly stringent requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, coupled with the complex manufacturing process of pharmaceutical intermediates and the large number of reaction links, manufacturers in the industry are required to vigorously develop green and advanced processes, with environmental protection processing facilities and low consumption and energy-saving production equipment in line with the specifications, in order to implement the target responsibility of reducing consumption and emission.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates Industry Trends

Continued Improvements in Automation.

In order to meet the needs of the production of a wide variety of drugs with complex structures, pharmaceutical intermediates usually have a wide variety of types and more reaction steps. In the past, most manufacturers used the traditional production process, and the application of new technology is still small, the production process is mostly carried out manually, and automation is not yet commonly used. As a result, the quality of the products is not good, the production efficiency is low and the safety is difficult to guarantee.

With the continuous improvement of the national supporting system for safety production, the continuous increase of labour cost and the increasingly strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry on the quality of intermediates, the production process of pharmaceutical intermediates has become more and more automated. This requires manufacturers to design automatic control solutions for the production characteristics of pharmaceutical intermediates, and to select automatic control instruments and meters to continuously improve the automation of the production industry.

Our company is now gradually improving and perfecting the production automation procedures, continuously improving the quality and standard of product production, so as to meet the needs of different customers for products.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates Market and Outlook.

According to Vision Research, the market for pharmaceutical intermediates is expected to reach approximately US$53 billion by 2030.

The demand for pharmaceutical intermediates is largely dependent on the increasing demand for essential medicines for chronic diseases. The growing prevalence of infectious diseases, mainly in South East Asia, is likely to drive demand for APIs and ultimately the pharmaceutical intermediates market over the next few years.

In addition, raising investments and also federal government assistance from developed nations such as the united state to establish and broaden the biopharmaceutical sector. Advancement of biologics as well as gene-targeted medications for the treatment of numerous persistent diseases is one of the key factors contributing to the development of the global pharmaceutical intermediates market.

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