2-Phenylbenzimidazole CAS 716-79-0

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Name: 2-Phenylbenzimidazole

Cas: 716-79-0

Purity: 99%min


Basic Info:

CAS No:716-79-0
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Chemical Structure


Product Introduction:

2-phenylbenzimidazole (2-PBI) is a chemical compound, also known as 2-phenylbenzimidazole or 2-(3-phenylpyridin-2-yl)benzimidazole, a pharmaceutical intermediate with the molecular formula C13H10N2 .

2-Phenylbenzimidazole is a derivative of benzimidazole and more specifically of phenylimidaz.

It is a white solid that exists in two forms:
The white solid is a generic form and the more common white crystalline form is proprietary, slightly soluble in water. The two forms of the compound are useful in the pharmaceutical industry.

Nature and Specifications:

Product Packaging


Product Usage:

The 2-phenylbenzimidazole (2-PBI) is a compound that is used in the production of a variety of pharmaceuticals. It is belongs to pesticide intermediates, dye intermediates, flavor and fragrance intermediates, and synthetic material intermediates.

Application in the Pesticide Industry:

  • 2-phenylbenzimidazole is a new class of pesticides that has been widely used in agriculture, forestry and horticulture. it has been shown to be effective against various insects, including mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and mites.
  • The major applications include crop protection, pest control, selective breeding of crops and many others.

In the Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • Besides its common use, 2-phenylbenzimidazole can also be used in pharmaceuticals and other industries.
  • 2-Phenylbenzimidazole is related to the 2-phenylquinoline, it is used in the pharmaceutical industry to reduce non-specific binding of antibiotics and other drugs to bacterial cell walls.

Other Industry

  • The 2-phenylbenzimidazole chemical is also used in the production of plastics, paints, dyes and other chemicals. The chemical is a breakdown product of benzimidazoles.

2-phenylbenzimidazole can be used to produce many different chemicals such as herbicides, alkylating agents and fungicides. 2-phenylbenzimidazole has a wide range of applications across many industries including pharmaceutical

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