4-Fluorobenzaldehyde CAS 459-57-4

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Name: 4-Fluorobenzaldehyde

Cas: 459-57-4

Purity: 99%min


Basic Info:

CAS No:459-57-4
Stock AvailabilityIn stock
Brand NameZhishang chemical

Chemical Structure


Product Introduction:

4-Fluorobenzaldehyde is a colorless liquid organic compound with a sweet fruity, sweet taste. It is insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents such as benzene and toluene. It is a compound that exists in plants and animals.

4-Fluorobenzaldehyde is a very important class of fine chemicals and is an organic compound recently introduced on the market. Due to its high reactivity and low toxicity, it is mainly used as an intermediate in the synthesis of other organic compounds and in the manufacture of fragrances.

It is an aromatic compound that occurs naturally in many plants and fruits. It is also a fluorinated benzaldehyde that inhibits mushroom tyrosinase activity. Although 4-fluorobenzaldehyde is present in the environment, it is a very rare product.

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

4-Fluorobenzaldehyde (p-fluorobenzaldehyde) is a very important fine chemical, which has important uses in medicine, pesticide, new material, polymer and dye. It is mainly used as a chemical intermediate in the production of many chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Applications in Medicine:

In medicine, 4-fluorobenzaldehyde is used to make important drugs such as haloperidol, droperidol, rosuvastatin calcium, among which it is the key raw material used to make the core of rosuvastatin calcium, and has very important value.

p-fluorobenzaldehyde is used as a medicinal agent in the treatment of psoriasis, rosacea, acne vulgaris and acneiform eruptions.The compound is used in the production of many chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

For the production of medicine:4-Fluorobenzaldehyde is also used for the manufacture of medicines such as 4-fluorobenzoic acid and 4-fluorobenzamide.

It is also used in making monochlorobenzaldehyde, which is one of the useful intermediates for 1,3-dibromopropane synthesis and its derivatives. In addition, 4-fluorobenzaldehyde can be used in manufacturing other important drugs such as halothane and nitrous oxide.

For the Production of Pesticides:

4-Fluorobenzaldehyde is a compound used to make pesticides, dyes and drugs. It is an intermediate in the production of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

The compound is also used as an ingredient in insecticides and herbicides, primarily because of its ability to disrupt plant growth by interfering with photosynthesis.

Other Uses:

New material: 4-Fluorobenzaldehyde has been used as part of the process to produce fiberglass, a very strong and lightweight material.

4-Fluorobenzaldehyde is also used as a precursor in the synthesis of anthocyanins. It is a precursor to the active ingredient in Fluorouracil, which is an anticancer agent. It’s also used as an additive to wood products, like plywood and particleboard, so it can become more water resistant.

It is also used to make dyes, food additives and medicines.

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