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Name: Acetophenone

Cas: 98-86-2

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:98-86-2
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Chemical Structure


Product Introduction:

Acetophenone, also known as Acetofenon, is the simplest aromatic ketone in which the aromatic nucleus (benzene ring) is directly attached to the carbonyl group.

Acetophenone can be used as an intermediate in the manufacture of drugs, resins, flavorings and tear gas, with the molecular formula C8H8O.

Its pure product is a white plate-like crystal, and it is a colorless or slightly yellow transparent liquid when the temperature is above 20 °C.

Acetofenon is slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in various organic solvents, and can be volatilized with steam.

The molecular structure of acetophenone: the methyl C atom forms a bond with the sp3 hybrid orbital, and the benzene ring and the carbonyl C atom form a bond with the sp2 hybrid orbital.

Acetofenon can undergo the addition reaction of carbonyl, the reaction of α active hydrogen, and the electrophilic substitution reaction on the benzene ring, which mainly generates meta products.

Acetophenone can be prepared by reacting benzene with acetyl chloride, acetic anhydride or acetic acid under the catalysis of aluminum trichloride. In addition, acetophenone is a by-product in the catalytic oxidation of ethylbenzene to styrene.

Acetophenone is mainly used as a raw material for pharmaceuticals and other organic synthesis, and also for the preparation of spices.

Nature and Specifications:

Product Packaging


Product Usage:

Used as raw material for the manufacture of medicines

  • Acetophenone can be used as an intermediate in the manufacture of drugs, resins, flavorings and tear gas, as well as in the manufacture of sleeping pills.

Made use of as Solvent

  • Acetophenone can be made use of as a solvent for cellulose ethers, cellulose esters, materials, preservatives, rubber, medicine, dyes, and so on.
  • When utilized as a solvent, Acetophenone has the qualities of high boiling point, security as well as pleasurable scent.
  • The solubility resembles that of cyclohexanone, and also it can liquify nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, vinyl material, coumarin resin, alkyd resin, glycerol alkyd material, etc.
  • Typically combined with ethanol, ketone, ester as well as various other solvents.

Made use of as A Seasoning

  • When Acetophenone is used as a spice, it is a mixing basic material for flavors such as hawthorn, mimosa, as well as lavender, and is extensively made use of in soap flavors and tobacco flavors.
  • It can also be made use of together with anisaldehyde and also coumarin in hawthorn blossom, sunflower, new mowing, lavender, great smelling myrtle, lavender, mimosa, acacia and other tastes.


  • Acetophenone can likewise be made use of to manufacture phenylglycolic acid, α-phenylindole, ibuprofen and so forth.
  • It is made use of in the manufacture of soap as well as cigarettes, as an intermediate in natural chemical synthesis, as a solvent for fiber materials, and so on, and as a plasticizer for plastics.
  • Utilized as extractant, olefin polymerization stimulant, etc.

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