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Name: Acetylacetone

Cas: 123-54-6

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:123-54-6
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Acetylacetone, also known as diacetylmethane, pentamethylene dione, is a derivative of acetone, molecular formula C5H8O2, colorless to light yellow transparent liquid. The molecular structure of acetylacetone is a saturated diketone in which two hydroxyl groups are signed up with by a methylene team. This form is commonly referred to as beta-diketone.

Acetylacetone has a positive odor and also is combustible. Soluble in water (16.9 at 20 ° C, 34 at 80 ° C), ethanol, benzene, chloroform, ether, acetone, ethyl acetate as well as glacial acetic acid. Acetylacetone is easily decomposed by water to acetic acid and acetone.

It is also the simplest saturated beta-diketone, a derivative of acetone. Its chemical activity is active, and it is dark red when it interacts with the aqueous solution of ferric chloride. Acetylacetone can react with almost all metal hydroxides, carbonates or acetates to form complexes. The general formula of the complexes is: (C5H7O2)·M, where M is a metal and n is the metal compound of.

Acetylacetone is usually a mixture of two tautomers, enol form and ketone form. The two are in dynamic equilibrium. The enol kind isomers form hydrogen bonds in the molecule. In the blend, the ketone form accounts for about 18%. The enol type make up 82%. The petroleum ether solution of the mixture was cooled to -78°C, and the enol form was precipitated as a solid, so that the two were separated; when the enol form returned to room temperature, it was automatically in the above equilibrium state.

Most of these compounds are stable, so they have an extremely wide range of uses, mainly for the synthesis of medicines and intermediates.

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Used as pharmaceutical intermediates and organic synthesis:

Acetylacetone is an essential organic synthesis intermediate, which is commonly used in pharmaceutical, fragrance, chemical and also other industries. Acetylacetone is an essential resources for the pharmaceutical market, such as the synthesis of 4,6-dimethylpyrimidine by-products. It is an intermediate of the fungicides methyl pyraclostrobin, azoxystrobin and the herbicide rimsulfuron.

used as solvent

Used as organic solvent, utilized in cellulose acetate, ink, pigment, paint drier. Preparation of raw materials for insecticides and fungicides, livestock antidiarrheal drugs and feed additives. Forming agent for infrared reflective glass, transparent conductive film (indium salt), and superconducting thin film (indium salt). Acetylacetone metal complexes have special colors (green for copper salts, red for iron salts, purple for chromium salts) and insoluble in water.

In addition to the typical properties of alcohols and ketones, Acetylacetone exhibits a deep red color with ferric chloride and forms chelates with many metal salts. By acetic anhydride or acetyl chloride and acetone condensation, or by the reaction of acetone and ketene obtained.

It is used as metal extractant to separate trivalent and tetravalent ions, paint and ink desiccant, pesticides, pesticides, fungicides, solvents for high polymers, reagents for the determination of thallium, iron, fluorine, and organic synthesis intermediates, etc.

Used as chelating agent and catalyst:

It is likewise utilized as a solvent for cellulose acetate, a desiccant for paints as well as varnishes, and also a vital logical reagent. As a result of the presence of the enol kind, acetylacetone can connect with the steels cobalt (II), cobalt (III), beryllium, light weight aluminum, chromium, iron (II), copper, nickel, palladium, zinc, indium, tin, zirconium, magnesium, manganese, scandium and thorium and other steel ions form chelate compounds, which can be made use of as additives for gas oil and also lubricating oil.

Acetylacetone can also be made use of as a stimulant for petroleum cracking, hydrogenation and also carbonylation responses, and also an oxidation accelerator for oxygen. It can be used to remove steel oxides in porous solids and also to treat polypropylene drivers. In European and American countries, more than 50% are used in livestock antidiarrheal drugs and feed additives.

Using the chelating effect of Acetylacetone and metals, it can be used as a cleaning agent for metals in micropores. Made use of as stimulant, resin crosslinking representative, material curing accelerator. Material as well as rubber ingredients. It is utilized for hydroxylation reaction, hydrogenation response, isomerization response, synthesis of low molecular weight unsaturated ketones and reduced carbon olefin polymerization and also copolymerization, and so on.

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