Choline Glycerophosphate CAS 28319-77-9

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Name: Choline Glycerophosphate

Cas: 28319-77-9

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:28319-77-9
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Chemical Structure

Choline glycerophosphate

Product Introduction:

Choline glycerophosphate, referred to as Alpha-GPC, belongs to the phospholipid family. It plays an important role in the health of cell membrane layers. Glycerol phosphatidylcholine is very plentiful in breast milk. It fixings harmed brain function, improves mind function in healthy people and invigorates aging brains.

Choline glycerophosphate is miscible with water, soluble in methanol, ethanol, insoluble in chloroform, ether, oil, and so on, and has no particular absorption under ultraviolet as well as noticeable light. GPC web content resolution methods include high performance fluid chromatography as well as food digestion as well as resolution of phosphorus.

Choline alfoscerate is a normally occurring intermediate of phospholipid metabolic rate in the human body. It exists in cells as well as spreads throughout the human body. It is structurally made up of choline, glycerol as well as phosphoric acid. It is a primary managed type of choline and is acknowledged as a source of choline.

The most vital role of choline glycerophosphate is that the choline it generates is a water-soluble B vitamin, which plays a vital duty in the brain and nerves. Since it is an endogenous material, the toxic and side effects are very low.

Researches have revealed that GPCs play an essential duty in the production of particular hormones as well as natural chemicals such as acetylcholine as well as human development hormonal agent, thereby supporting the feature of the mind and nerves.

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

Choline glycerophosphate (GPC) is a water-soluble small molecule that generally exists in the human body. It is an important pharmaceutical raw material and a biosynthetic forerunner of the natural chemical acetylcholine.

Medical effects:

The primary pharmacological results of Choline alfoscerate consist of securing the metabolism of choline, ensuring the synthesis of acetylcholine and also lecithin in nerve membrane layers, and enhancing blood flow. Boost cognitive and also behavioral actions in people with stressful mind blood vessels.

Choline glycerophosphate not just gives the high levels of choline required by mind and also afferent neuron, however also protects their cell walls. Alzheimer’s people are generally manifested as memory and cognitive decline, and also are accompanied by a selection of issues, such as inability to move, nerve system conditions as well as various other functional disabilities.

Both scientific pharmacological examination results and clinical trials have verified that choline glycerophosphate is of fantastic assistance to the cognitive capability and memory function of the mind.

Other usages:

Choline glycerophosphate can be made use of as a health supplement to advertise the biosynthesis of acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine in the brain, and also improve human memory and cognition. It can likewise efficiently deal with Alzheimer’s diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and is called “anti-aging nutrients for the brain” by the clinical industry.

Choline alfoscerate is not just one of the primary osmotic compounds in kidney medulla cells, yet additionally can change the concentration of osmotic compounds in and out of cells in parallel. This is beneficial for cerebrovascular health, specifically behavior as well as psychological disruptions brought on by brain decrease.

Choline glycerophosphate has the potential to treat as well as avoid a variety of biochemical pathologies. Researchers have actually discovered that it alters the structure of phospholipids in neuronal membrane layers, and has actually discovered its strange impact of eliminating physical stress in a factor connected with neurodegenerative syndrome.

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