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Name: Cordycepin

Cas: 73-03-0

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:73-03-0
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Cordycepin Definition:

Cordycepin, likewise known as cordycepin militaris, Adenine cordyceposide, is the main energetic component in Cordyceps militaris (particularly nucleosides). Its products sold in the market are not extracted from Cordyceps sinensis because the content of cordycepin in Cordyceps sinensis is extremely small. It is a new nucleoside medication, purine alkaloid, and also the very first nucleoside antibiotic separated from fungi.

As a structural analog of adenosine, cordycepin inhibits Bacillus subtilis, Mycobacterium avium and Ehrlich ascites cancer cells. It has inhibitory result on RNA and also DNA synthesis of cancer cells, and has a solid inhibitory effect on human nasal and also pharyngeal cancer (KD) cells.

Cordycepin is generally composed of Cordyceps polysaccharide, Cordyceps acid as well as Cordyceps SOD, which is a pure all-natural nutrient with fantastic health care features. It can activate dormant cells, fixing diseased cells, duplicate new living cells, as well as tidy up dead cells. It benefits enhancing resistance, anti-fatigue as well as boosting body energy.

Since cipargamin has special results of fixing cells as well as securing the genetic code of living microorganisms, it has actually become a leader in modern-day biomedicine. The clinical use of cordycepin is mostly for adjuvant treatment of malignant tumors, and symptoms improved in more than 91.7%.

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Product Usage:

Cordycepin, a natural source of medication, has different medicinal effects such as anti-tumor, anti-bacterial and antiviral, immune policy, and also scavenging cost-free radicals. It has excellent clinical application potential customers. Currently, the research of cordycepin is becoming a very energetic field in medicinal chemistry.

Cordycepin is mainly used as a raw material for the manufacture of medicines, health products and cosmetics. It has important development and application value.

Cordycepin is used for the production of anticancer drugs, kidney protection drugs, etc. Primarily used for individuals with nasal cancer cells, pharyngeal cancer, lung cancer cells, leukemia, brain cancer cells and also other malignant lumps.

It is used to produce health care medicines for weight loss, control and prevent obesity, and also has the effect of lowering blood lipids. Because cordycepin can prevent the formation of lipid droplets and promote the degradation of lipid droplets, it has a good weight loss effect.

Also used as a chemical reagent because cordyceps fungus powder is an adenosine analog. It is easily converted to Cordyceps 5′-triphosphate and can be used as RNA 3′-end tag.

The Function of Cordycepin:

  • Cordycepin anti-tumor effect:

At present, researchers have summarized the anti-tumor mechanism of cordycepin into two types: direct effect and indirect effect.

Direct action means that the anti-tumor component in cipargamin directly inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells by interfering with the exchange of nucleic acid, protein nucleic acid and glucose of target cells. Cordycepin can act on multiple cell signaling pathways, causing autophagy or apoptosis.

The indirect impact suggests that the anti-tumor energetic parts in cipargamin play an anti-tumor effect by advertising the expansion as well as differentiation of human immune cells, thus boosting the function of immune cells.

  • Cordycepin antiviral effect:

Cordycepin was first discovered and studied as a nucleoside antibiotic. It has a wide range of inhibitory effects on various pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.

  • Cordycepin anti-aging effect:

Adenine cordyceposide can boost the activity of turf enzymes in the liver, prevent the development of superoxide substances, and boost the task of monoamine oxidase in the brain, which reveals that cipargamin has an anti-aging impact.

  • Cordycepin reduces blood lipids and anticoagulation:

Cordycepin can also increase spleen weight and accelerate liver nucleic acid and protein turnover. It has the functions of anti-hypoxia, increasing myocardial nutrient blood flow and lowering serum cholesterol. It likewise avoids the formation of embolism.

  • Cordycepin anti-inflammatory effect, immune regulation effect:

Cordycepin can strongly inhibit lymphocytes and monocytes, so that the body can be protected from excessive immune pathological damage, so cordycepin can regulate the immune system itself.

It can inhibit protein kinase activity and resist the cleavage of sugar groups by nucleoside phosphorylase. Regulates humoral immunity. It can increase the weight of the spleen, accelerate the renewal rate of nucleic acid and protein in the liver; it has the functions of anti-hypoxia, increasing blood flow of heart nutrition and lowering serum cholesterol.

In addition, it can significantly increase coronary blood flow, reduce coronary, brain and peripheral vascular resistance, and inhibit the methylation of nucleic acids, preventing cerebral thrombosis and cardiovascular diseases.

There are 3 reasons why cordycepin in Cordyceps fungis inhibits tumorigenesis:

  1. The complimentary alcohol group of adenine cordyceposide can be included into the DNA of cancer cells to act.
  2. Cipargamin can inhibit the phosphorylation of nucleotides or nucleosides to generate diphosphate as well as triphosphate derivatives, consequently inhibiting the synthesis of nucleic acid in lump cells.
  3. Cordycepin can block the amination of xantholylic acid to guanylic acid.

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