Dextran Sulfate Sodium Salt CAS 9011-18-1

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Name: Dextran Sulfate Sodium Salt

Cas: 9011-18-1

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:9011-18-1
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Dextran Sulfate Sodium Salt

Dextran Sulfate Sodium Salt Definition:

Dextran sulfate sodium salt (Dextran sulfate, DSS) is a polyanionic derivative of dextran, developed by the esterification of dextran and chlorosulfonic acid. The sulfur content is about 17%, which is equivalent to approximately 1.9 sulfuric acid groups in each sugar residual sugar in the glucan particle.

Its products are light yellow or off-white powder in general state, and have hygroscopicity. Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol and ether. 6% aqueous solution is colorless or light yellow clear liquid, pH is 5-7.5.

Dextran sulfate sodium salt is a powerful as well as discerning prevention of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) that hinders viral adsorption into host cells.

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Product Usage:

Dextran sulfate sodium salt is an usual pharmaceutical intermediate. It is made use of in the production of numerous medicines and various other medicinal items. It is an anticoagulant and antithrombotic agent used in the production of blood products.

Main functions and uses:

Dextran sulfate sodium is used as a plasma substitute and later used to lower blood lipids. It can improve the vitality of the fibrinolytic system, prevent the deposition of fibrin and anticoagulation.

Dextran sulfate sodium salt antagonizes the action of hyaluronidase and reduces the normal metabolism of the blood vessel wall. Anhydrous sugar tablets are enteric sugar-coated tablets of sugar anhydride esters. After removing the sugar coating, the tablet core is light yellow. Commonly used as hypolipidemic and anti-atherosclerotic drugs.

Sodium dextran sulfate can also be used to prepare a compound vitamin E nicotinate nanoemulsion. The nanoemulsion combines the advantages of vitamin E nicotinate, sodium dextran sulfate and vitamin C.

The combination of the three can not only rapidly improve various symptoms caused by arteriosclerosis, reduce blood lipids, but also play a long-term stable blood lipid lowering and blood pressure lowering effect. Hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

More on Dextran Sulfate Sodium Salt:

DSS has numerous features: 1. Polyanionic complicated, soluble in water, forming a colorless aqueous option. 2. High pureness and also great stability. 3. It can be weakened normally.

Given that the first record in 1985 using dextran sulfate sodium salt to prepare a hamster ulcerative colitis version, a large number of studies have demonstrated that the DSS colitis design is similar to human ulcerative colitis.

The histological functions, medical manifestations, condition website and cytokine proliferation of the dextran sulfate sodium salt colitis design are extremely similar to those of human ulcerative colitis (UC).

It can effectively improve the activity of lipase, promote the release of esterase into the blood, decompose chylomicrons, and clarify blood lipids. Reduce the material of total cholesterol in serum as well as alleviate the fondness of β-lipoprotein and also fibrin to blood vessel wall surface.

It can improve the activity of the fibrinolytic system, prevent fibrin deposition and anticoagulation; it can effectively increase the activity of lipoproteinase, promote the release of esterase into the blood, decompose chylomicrons, and clarify blood lipids.

It can reduce the total cholesterol content in the serum, relieve the affinity of β-lipoprotein and fibrin to the blood vessel wall; it can antagonize the effect of hyaluronidase, and reduce the normal metabolism of the blood vessel wall.

Sugar anhydride ester tablets are enteric-coated sugar-coated tablets of sugar anhydride esters. After removing the sugar coating, the tablet core is light yellow.

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