Diphenyl Sulfide CAS 139-66-2

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Name: Diphenyl Sulfide

Cas: 139-66-2

Purity: 99%min


Basic Info:

CAS No:139-66-2
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Chemical Structure

Diphenyl Sulfide

Product Introduction:

Diphenyl sulfide is an aryl sulfide consisting of two phenyl groups linked through a sulfur atom.

It is a synthetic organic compound and chemical compound with the molecular formula C12H10S · Molecular weight: 186.273. Diphenyl sulfide is an aromatic organosulfur compound, with an unsaturated aryl group attached to one of several four-membered ring systems which are found in nature.

Diphenyl Sulfide is metabolite of the fungicide Edifenphos as well as a potential impurity of Fenticonazole Nitrate.

In the 1950s, scientists discovered that diphenyl sulfide was a powerful chemical and could be used as an industrial chemical.

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

Diphenyl sulfide is used as pesticide, medicine, dye intermediate. It has been widely used in the chemical industry for many years.

Application of diphenyl sulfide in pesticide production

Diphenyl sulfide is used as the raw material of pesticide intermediate, catalyst and metal extractant. The application of this chemical has become more and more popular in recent years due to its great industrial applications.

Diphenyl sulfide is the primary colorless compound used in pesticide production. For example, it is a core ingredient in insecticides like DDT and PCDD/PCDF, as well as many other pesticides.

Diphenyl sulfide is used in the synthesis of sulfur bis-dichlorophenol in medicine.

Diphenyl sulfide, a complex organic molecule, has been used as an intermediate in the synthesis of sulfur bis-dichlorophenol in medicine. More specifically, it can be used to synthesize derivatives of sulfur bis-dichlorophenol and its related composites.

Diphenyl sulfide is used as dye intermediate

Diphenyl sulfide is a chemical used in the color industry as a dye intermediate. This chemical is used to obtain color and tint in paints, dyes, glues, and other products.

Other uses

Diphenyl sulfide is used as the raw material of triaryl sulfonium photoinitiator, pesticide intermediate, catalyst and metal extractant.

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