Diphenyl Sulfone CAS 127-63-9

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Name: Diphenyl Sulfone

Cas: 127-63-9

Purity: 99%min


Basic Info:

CAS No:127-63-9
Stock AvailabilityIn stock
Brand NameZhishang chemical

Chemical Structure

Diphenyl sulfone

Product Introduction:

Diphenyl sulfone is an organic sulfur compound with the molecular formula C12H10O2S. It is a white solid soluble in organic solvents. Soluble in hot ethanol, ether and benzene, slightly soluble in hot water, insoluble in cold water.

The frequency of clinical use is still relatively high, and it can be used as an intermediate of medicine or pesticide. It is generally produced by the reaction of benzene and sulfuric acid.

In addition, when purchasing diphenyl sulfone, you must pay attention to the purity information of the product. The more common ones on the market are above 99%. If you have other requirements for product specifications, please contact us, we will customize the production according to your requirements.

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

This chemical can be used in organic synthesis as a plasticizer or acaricide, and is often used in intermediates for medicines and pesticides.

Used as a high temperature solvent. This high temperature solvent can be used to process highly rigid polymers such as PEEK that are only soluble in very hot solvents.

For organic synthesis, as plasticizer, acaricide. Used as pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates.

Precautions for Use:

Diphenylsulfone is irritating to the eyes and respiratory system. Therefore, in daily operation, be sure to wear relevant protective products.

If it comes into contact with the eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water, and seek medical attention in time. Usually you need to wear gloves and goggles, or a mask to operate, so as not to affect your health.

When using it, you should pay attention to avoid oral administration, and you need to do your own protection. Once you accidentally touch some parts of the mouth, nose, etc., you must also pay attention to cleaning up in time, otherwise it may lead to poisoning and other situations.

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