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Name: Hydroquinone Powder

Cas: 123-31-9

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:123-31-9
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Hydroquinone Powder

Product Introduction:

Hydroquinone (chemical formula: C6H4(OH)2), also known as 1,4-hydroquinone, is a compound formed by replacing two para-hydrogens of benzene with hydroxyl groups. It is an important chemical raw material. In recent years, the international demand for hydroquinone powder has shown a growing trend, and the consumption field has expanded year by year.

Hydroquinone powder, an antioxidant, mainly inhibits tyrosinase activity through complexation (reduces tyrosinase activity by 90%), and regulates the synthesis of melanin DNA and RNA, thereby achieving freckle removal and treatment of inflammation Post-pigmentation purpose.

Hydroquinone was first discovered in 1820. In 1936, Heinz Oettel discovered that hydroquinone powder has the effect of lightening pigmentation. Since then, it has been widely used as a whitening agent in the medical field to treat other pigmentation disorders such as melasma.

Hydroquinone is still a very effective whitening ingredient at the moment. It is very common in skin care products and medicines, and it is one of the effective melanin production inhibitors. Therefore, many people use hydroquinone cream to remove freckles, and some have reported that they have serious side effects. In recent years, researchers have paid more attention to the research and development and improvement of the production process of hydroquinone powder and catalysts.

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Product Usage:

1,4-Diphenol is commonly made use of and also is a vital basic material, intermediate and also auxiliary for medicine, chemical, color and rubber, etc. It is generally utilized in developer, anthraquinone color, azo color, rubber antioxidant as well as monomer inhibitor. Polymerization agent, food stabilizer as well as finish anti-oxidant, petroleum anticoagulant, artificial ammonia driver, and so on.

Dermatologists widely use hydroquinone cream to treat common pigmented skin diseases such as melasma, freckles, and melanosis, and hydroquinone is suitable for people with acne.

Hydroquinone powder is the intermediate of herbicides quizalofop-p-ethyl, diflufenapyr, thiazolinopyr, oxaflufenafen, fenflufenapyr, lactofopp . Hydroquinone is also used as a photographic developer. 1,4-Benzenediol and its alkylates are widely used as polymerization inhibitors added during the storage and transportation of monomers, and the commonly used concentration is about 200ppm.

Hydroquinone methyl ether is an intermediate of edible oil antioxidant BHA, dyes, all-natural pigments and spices. Hydroquinone powder is also used to prepare N,N’-diphenyl-p-phenylenediamine, which is an antioxidant and deodorant for rubber, as well as a fuel.
At present, the application field of hydroquinone powder is gradually expanding. In addition to the application in traditional fields, there are also new developments in chemical fertilizers, water treatment, liquid crystal polymers and other fields. In addition, it can also be processed into other fine chemicals. Such as 1,4-diamino leucosome, quinizarine, etc.

The Effect of Hydroquinone Powder:

1,4-Benzenediol is banned in the European Union, Australia and some Asian countries, and everyone is concerned about the “carcinogenicity” of hydroquinone. It should be noted that carcinogenicity is caused by oral hydroquinone in mice, and there is currently no data showing the same mechanism of action in humans.

Hydroquinone powder is irritating to the skin to a certain extent, and it will not feel great when it is less than 2%. When it is higher than 2%, it will irritate the skin and may cause skin redness, itching and stinging.

For topical use of hydroquinone powder, it is necessary to consider the photosensitivity caused by hydroquinone, so it is necessary to take adequate sun protection measures.

May cause exogenous chloasma (bluish-black), which is generally common in dark-skinned people, and is related to prolonged use of hydroquinone.

Exogenous chloasma is due to the long-term topical use of hydroquinone-containing products, which not only inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, but also inhibits the activity of black acid oxidase, resulting in the inability of black acid to be metabolized and decomposed, and accumulate in the dermal reticulum. layer (deep dermis). Because of the darker location, this “pigmentation” is not a typical brown, but a bluish black. Surgery such as radiofrequency therapy can help improve symptoms and accelerate collagen metabolism, thereby accelerating the metabolism of accumulated homogentisic acid.

May cause contact dermatitis.

At present, the US FDA does not prohibit the addition of hydroquinone powder to over-the-counter products. 1,4-benzenediol with a concentration of less than 2% is sold as an over-the-counter drug, and 3% to 4% of hydroquinone cream must be treated as a prescription drug.

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