Methyl Thioglycolate CAS 2365-48-2

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Name: Methyl Thioglycolate

Cas: 2365-48-2

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:2365-48-2
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Brand NameZhishang chemical

Chemical Structure

Methyl Thioglycolate

Product Introduction:

Methyl thioglycolate, also known as methyl thioglycollate, METG, etc., is a colorless to light green transparent liquid with a molecular formula of C3H6O2S. It is soluble in water and has the odor of allicin.

It is an important intermediate for the synthesis of medicines, pesticides, food flavors and tobacco flavors, and can be used as an organotin heat stabilizer and a molecular weight regulator for macromolecules.

Polymethyl thioglycolate can also be used as a low temperature curing agent for epoxy resins, optical lenses and manufacturing adhesives.

The product Methyl Thioglycolate is divided into pharmaceutical grade and industrial grade, please pay attention to the distinction when purchasing.

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Main Uses and Application Areas of Methyl Thioglycolate

Methyl thioglycolate is mainly used as a pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate, and is the raw material of the herbicide thifensulfuron.

Preparation of drug articaine hydrochloride

  • 36-39mol methyl thioglycolate and 2-5L (37-40mol) 2-methacrylonitrile were reacted in a mixed solution of 11-14L sodium methoxide and methanol (prepared from metal sodium 0.8-1.1kg), after the reaction was over Adjust pH to 7 with concentrated hydrochloric acid and dropwise add 4-7 L (4-7 mol) of 30% hydrogen peroxide.
  • Then, 3.5 L of concentrated hydrochloric acid was added dropwise to the reaction system, and the intermediate compound B was obtained by concentrating under reduced pressure. 3-5kg (18-21mol) of intermediate compound B was dissolved in 25L dichloromethane containing 4-6L (55-58mol) pyridine, and 3-5L (37-40mol) of α-chloropropionyl chloride was added dropwise.
  • After the reaction, the reaction mixture was washed, dried and concentrated under reduced pressure to obtain intermediate compound C. 2-4kg (10-13mol) of intermediate compound C was dissolved in 3-6L dimethyl sulfoxide and added dropwise to a solution containing 1-3L (24 mol) of intermediate compound C. -279mol) in a solution of n-propylamine and 21-40L dimethyl sulfoxide.
  • After the reaction, it was mixed with ice water, extracted with ethyl acetate, dried, and concentrated under reduced pressure to obtain an oily substance, which was then dissolved in acetone, adjusted to pH 5-6 with concentrated hydrochloric acid, crystallized, filtered, and dried to obtain hydrochloric acid. Crude Articaine.

Hair care and depilator in tanning

  • Methyl thioglycolate can effectively attack the connective tissue attached to the hair root, more effective hair removal, and keep the hair intact in the liming solution.

Preparation of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug intermediates

  • After chlorination, acrylonitrile reacts with methyl thioglycolate under the protection of N2 atmosphere in sodium methoxide to obtain 2-carboxymethyl-3-aminothiophene, the amino group is replaced by a sulfonyl chloride group and then chlorinated, and reacts with methylamine to obtain 5-carboxymethyl-3-aminothiophene. Methyl chloro-2-carboxylate-3-methylaminosulfonylthiophene.
  • Methyl 5-chloro-2-carboxylate-3-methylaminosulfonylthiophene (MCMTC) is an important intermediate of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which can be used to synthesize lornoxicam, tenoxicam and other anti-inflammatory drugs. Blood lipids and drugs for the treatment of rheumatism.

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