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Name: p-Toluic acid Powder

Cas: 99-94-5

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CAS No:99-94-5
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p-Toluic acid

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What is p-toluic acid? This is an extremely typical substance in nature and also has actually been utilized in a range of items for years. It is an organic acid that has the capacity to react with other materials to create substances. The reaction can be militarized by different compounds such as water, oxygen as well as acid.

This article will discuss the properties of p-toluic acid powder and its uses.

p-Toluic acid (4-methylbenzoic acid) is a substituted benzoic acid with the molecular formula C8H8O2. It is a white crystalline strong, almost insoluble in water, however soluble in acetone.

p-Toluic acid is white or light yellow crystalline powder, easily soluble in methanol, ethanol, ether, insoluble in hot water, and can be volatilized with water vapor.

It has many uses in the chemical industry and is also used as a pharmaceutical ingredient in the treatment of certain diseases. After oxidation, phthalic acid can be obtained, which can be made use of as an intermediate for medicine, photosensitive materials, pesticides and also organic pigments.

The use of this chemical dates back to ancient times. It has been made use of in cosmetics, food and also medicine for centuries.

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Product Usage:

In the 19th century, the chemical was discovered to be useful as an intermediate in the manufacture of organic compounds and in the preparation of synthetic drugs and chemicals. Today, p-toluic acid is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for a variety of purposes such as drug synthesis, production of intermediates, storage of intermediates, and production of storage media. as follows:

p-Toluic acid is mainly used as a pharmaceutical intermediate, and is an important pharmaceutical, pesticide, and dye intermediate. It can be used to make antibiotics, vaccines and other drugs.

It is additionally an intermediate for the oxidation of p-xylene to terephthalic acid in some commercial processes, and is additionally used in the manufacture of polyethylene terephthalate.

4-Methylbenzoic acid can be made use of in the manufacture of hemostatic aromatic acid, p-formonitrile, p-toluoyl chloride, photosensitive products, and so on, as intermediates in organic synthesis, and in the prep work of fungicide phosphoramide in pesticide sector.

p-Toluic acid can be used for the determination of thorium, separation of calcium and strontium, organic synthesis, and also for spices and motion picture films.

It catalyzes the esterification and transesterification of dihydropyran protecting groups, carboxylic acids on alcohols. Aldehydes are formed into acetals. Acts as a catalyst for the hydrolysis of proteins and glycoproteins.

p-Toluic acid can catalyze the Biginelli reaction for the synthesis of dihydropyrimidines and the regioselective nitration of metal nitrates at the ortho-position of the phenolic hydroxyl groups in phenol and substituted phenols.

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