Pyrrolidine CAS 123-75-1

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Name: Pyrrolidine

Cas: 100403-19-8

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:123-75-1
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Pyrrolidine Definition:

Pyrrolidine is a cyclic secondary amine with the formula C4H9N.

Pyrrolidine is an all-natural material existing in cigarette as well as carrot leaves. The molecular structure of pyrrolidine is a cyclic second amine, as well as its response coincides as that of ordinary amines.

The look of tetrahydropyrrole is yellow or anemic clear fluid with special smell, easy to turn yellow when revealed to light or moist air, soluble in water and also ethanol, destructive and combustible.

Tetrahydropyrrole has responses of general amines.

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Product Usage:

Pyrrolidine is a vital natural chemical basic material, which can be made use of to prepare medicines, fungicides, insecticides, etc.

Pyrrolidine is used in medicine, food, pesticides, daily chemicals, coatings, textiles, etc.

Pyrrolidine is also widely used in the fields of printing and dyeing, papermaking, photosensitive materials, polymer materials, desulfurizing agents, and zeolite template substances.

For organic synthesis, special organic solvents. Epoxy resin curing agent, rubber accelerator, inhibitor.

Product Entry:


Pyrrole and its methyl-substituted homologues are present in bone tar.

The pyrrole can turn black under the action of trace oxygen, and the loose sheet reaction gives red, and it polymerizes into pyrrole red under the action of hydrochloric acid, which is generally unstable to oxidants.

At 15°C, the pyrrole is nitrated in acetic anhydride with nitric acid to obtain 2-nitropyrrole, and the yield is not high, and a part becomes a resinous substance.

Pyrrole is formally a secondary amine, but it dissolves slowly in dilute acid, and its basicity increases after the hydrogen on the ring is replaced by an alkyl group, which can form an insoluble salt.

Pyrrole can form salts with picric acid and can also be reduced to dihydro and Pyrrolidine.

Pyrrole can be prepared by reacting 1,4-dicarbonyl compound with ammonia. In industry, pyrrole is prepared by catalytic action of butynediol and ammonia.

The compound of pyrrole and benzene in parallel, called indole, is an important compound.

Some pyrrole derivatives have important physiological functions. For example, chlorophyll and heme are all derivatives of porphyrin ring system formed by four pyrrole rings.

Pyrrolidine is an important reagent, which reacts with ketones to lose water to form enamines, that is, there is a carbon-carbon double bond next to the amino group.

For example, enamines formed by cyclohexanone and tetrahydropyrrole have various uses in organic synthesis.

Generally speaking, before using pyrrole as a raw material for experiments, it should be re-distilled before use, because pyrrole is easily polymerized to form polypyrrole (black solid) when exposed to air for a long time.

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