Tryptamine CAS 61-54-1

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Name: Tryptamine Powder

Cas: 61-54-1

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:61-54-1
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Brand NameZhishang chemical

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Tryptamine is a monoamine alkaloid found in plants, animals and fungi, containing an indole nucleus, similar in structure to tryptophan (lack of a carboxyl group) and hence its name. It is present in trace amounts in the mammalian brain and is thought to function as a neuromodulator and neurotransmitter responsible for many functions of the body, including memory.

Tryptamine is a compound of the indole family, which is obtained by the hydrolysis of tryptamine (found in the brain). Tryptamine is important in many biological processes, such as neurotransmission, learning, memory, and emotion regulation. Tryptamine affects a variety of physiological functions, such as visual and sensory perception, movement, etc.

Tryptamine is a synthetic psychedelic compound that is synthesized by naturally occurring enzymes such as serotonergic monoamine oxidase. It is found in many plants, including chrysanthemums and blue lotus. Tryptamine can be found in many other psychoactive drugs such as LSD, mescaline, etc.

It is primarily synthesized and marketed as a recreational substance (psychedelics), but it also has medical applications and can be used to treat depression, anxiety, and headaches.

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Product Usage:

This section is about the uses of tryptamine.

Tryptamine is a natural amino acid found in many plants, animals and even humans. It is used as biological and pharmaceutical intermediates, biological reagents, and often in the preparation of biologically active compounds such as neurotransmitters and hallucinogens. Also used as a medication to treat depression and anxiety disorders, as follows:

Tryptamine is used as a drug to treat conditions like depression and anxiety, and it can be taken orally or injected into the body. It is also used to treat pain and nausea from chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It can also be used as a supplement, especially when taking other medications with side effects.

Tryptamine is a neurotransmitter that is released by the brain when we experience pleasure or pain. Tryptamine interacts with many different receptors in the body, including those involved in regulating mood, alertness, and mood.

Tryptamine is used to treat symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It works by blocking serotonin receptors that are involved in signaling between neurons. Tryptamine also has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain, muscle relaxation, and sleep disturbances.

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