Sodium Tert-butoxide CAS 865-48-5

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Name: Sodium Tert-butoxide

Cas: 865-48-5

Purity: 99%min


Basic Info:

CAS No:865-48-5
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Chemical Structure

Sodium tert-butoxide

Product Introduction:

Sodium tert-butoxide, also known as sodium tertiary butoxide, Sodiumtert-butoxide. Water-soluble white crystalline powder, molecular formula is C4H9NaO, molecular weight is 96.10.

Sodiumtert-butoxide is stable under normal temperature and pressure and is slightly harmful to water. Avoid contact of undiluted or large quantities of product with groundwater, water courses or sewage systems during use. Its powder products are mainly used as organic synthesis intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Sodium tertiary butoxide is a strong base with weak nucleophilicity, similar to potassium tertiary butoxide in chemical reaction. Its products react with water and dissolve in water, ethanol, methanol, etc.

Sodium tert-butoxide is used to treat various diseases. is a drug specially developed to treat cancer, and it is also an ingredient in many medicines.

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

Sodium tert-butoxide is mainly used as organic synthesis intermediate and pharmaceutical intermediate. Or as a strong base, it is widely used in reactions such as condensation, rearrangement and ring opening in chemical industry, medicine, pesticide and organic synthesis. Therefore, sodium tert-butoxide is increasingly favored by fine chemicals, pesticides and pharmaceutical industries.

Medical use:

Sodium tert-butoxide can be used as a safe and effective sodium hydride substitute for the coupling of hydroxyethyladenine and diethyl p-toluenesulfonyloxymethylphosphonate to 9-[2-(diethyl Phosphorylmethoxy)ethane]adenine (diethyl-PMEA), which is an important intermediate in the preparation of adefovir dipivoxil.

Sodium tert-butoxide is a drug that has been used in cancer treatment for many years. It was developed to treat and prevent metastases from extremely difficult-to-treat and often fatal prostate cancer. However, recent advances in the field of anticancer medicine have enabled the development of many new drugs.

It is an effective and safe drug for bladder cancer. It has been used for bladder cancer patients since its inception. As a prescription drug, it can be given to bladder cancer patients who have not responded to other treatments.

Administration of Sodium tertiary butoxide cured about 80% of patients with advanced or poorly differentiated bladder cancer and prevented tumor recurrence in about half of patients. The US FDA approved the product in March 2010 after a two-year review period.

Sodium tert-butoxide is the sodium salt of butyl tert-butanol. It is the first drug developed specifically to treat cancer. In addition to the above-mentioned effects, it has superior chemotherapeutic activity against colon cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer.

Other apps:

Sodium tert-butoxide was used as a promoter to promote the synthesis of biaryl groups by C-H bond arylation between aromatic compounds and halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons. Involved in the desulfonylation of N-indole and N-azaindole.

Sodium tertiary butoxide is used as a base to synthesize aryl tertiary butyl ethers from unactivated aryl halides in the presence of a palladium catalyst. It is the base in the palladium-catalyzed amination reaction. Also used for olefin and CO2 synthesis of sodium acrylate.

In the presence of 10-phenanthroline derivatives, auxiliary halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons are coupled with benzene derivatives. The first subgroup transition metal precatalyst can be activated.

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